10 items – summer wardrobe

taking inventory…

  1. Bikini and/or swimsuit – (?)
  2. White jeans – so beautiful.
  3. Skirt – short black.
  4. Wedge – one colorful pair.
  5. Tight tops – black or “summer colors”?
  6. Tank tops – white.
  7. LBD – a tight short black dress!
  8. White shirt – a longer model.
  9. Printed pants – hmm??
  10. Red jeans – had a pair years ago. Need now!

H&M Matte Lip Creams

• Sahara secret (“pink beige”)

• Tough love (pink)

• Dilemma (“pink purple”)

• Head over heels (“red orange”)

Love the colors! I dont need many refills during the day with these, and I usually do with other lipsticks…. not even after food/ drinks (and some smokes).

Super glad I tried!

The quest: Matte, a mix

Bought some new lipsticks…

• PROCL’E STOCKHOLM – Volume lip balm (plumper) – Clear (-oh it burns).

• H&M – Matte lip cream – Sahara secret

• H&M – Matte lip cream – Dilemma

• H&M – Matte lip cream – Head over heels

(Hard to take good pictures that is true to the colors, they are a bit darker IRL)

I do not look good in: “light pink” lipsticks. The H&M sheer lip color (Cherish) and Max factor X (Dusky Rose) I bought not long ago are beautiful colors, but not on me! I think i need something darker and without “shimmer”. So mattes…. here we go!!!

Review – Purederm coconut essence sheet mask.

This mask had an incredible scent… coconut all the way!

I had it on for 15 minutes and it’s lovely scent was really soothing. After removing the mask and patting my skin I felt soft and had a glow.

I would say it’s probably a great mask to wear befor a party, but other than that im not super impressed.

Minus: when taking it out of the package was that it got easily “ripped”.